Toke Lykkeberg - Music sounds better in cars

     Music sounds better in cars. They do it together in time. But losers ain’t got no car. You only got boulevards and rainy nights. Music with motion and a beat for every step you take. But a wanderer’s restless. Loses pace and’s tired and wants other stuff. Ain’t fun making shows with art only. Or shows with only paintings or only women. Only artists from one country or all artists from different countries. So you slip into something else, things without pace. Some sad mess here and some sad mess there. One day it’s summer, next it’s winter. And then, suddenly, you find yourself at the end of the road. You know all good stuff’s still behind you. You really got it now. You got it so you really get to love songs. Songs with no drive. Songs of absence. All goodbye. It’s pop about hearts that are broken. It’s better pop about hearts un-broken. It’s lift-off and it’s tricks to make you see wide.

Toke Lykkeberg-