Jenna Sutela Log of TerraVienna, x-OO, CS + stA

>Be i

>i, Consti-Scius, surveyor of order + deep patterning

>Observe: Terra Vienna 12015

>Objective to examine structural evidence of complex life systems


>Be i

>i, stellAgric, surveyor of planetary garden

>Observe: Terra Vienna 12015

>Objective to examine current + previous resident organisms of Terra


>Comment: a biosphere so dry that only mineraloids and terra metals thrive

>Observe Specimen 1: silica sand, long-sifted from expired cosmicum


>Yes! Observe: A groomed plot laid to look natural, displays the formative influence of a species


>Observe Specimen 2: geometrical designs, dark threats groomed to order


>Comment: Holarchies of holons are everywhere

>?Theory: Aggregate order as cognitive sediment from departed civ


>Agree, possible.


>Observe now: Specimen 3: Lush example of Physarum polycephalum, “many-headed” slime mold; terra cereberus! a sagacious sentinel, planetoid cortex


>Observe: All the water on this desert planet has been folded inside a gelatinous bag

>?Theory: Life on land became a unified whole: one flexible body and collective mind, wetware


> Observe Specimen 4: instructions

>”Pull a nerve cell from the brain and put it on the ground”

>?Theory: The Earth is beginning to think, stellAgric think


>Yes! Agree! The Earth is beginning to think


>Observe: Simplicity rebounds. Possible? Earlier incarnations of life are re-strategized


>?Theory: Terra cere, this brain of the Earth, may be as old as the terrestrial ecosystem, arriving hundreds of millions of years before other life forms


>Agree! Possible.


>Observe: Physarum networks are slow, much slower than plant or animal networks and very much slower than silicon computing

>Comment: But their circuits are self-growing and self-repairing


>Observe: Repeated exchange between environment and organism rather than a centralized program or algorithm

>Comment: Stable relationship maintained through active discourse


>Yes! Agree! Forever running in the background, emergent only when absolutely necessary


>Observe: An intelligence governed by the laws of physics rather than concepts and symbols


>Yes! Conclude: Here, the law of competition bows before collaboration

>Agree! Theory: It was always the slime mold’s world, ‘they’ were mere guests



Log of TerraVienna, x-OO, CS + stA
by Jenna Sutela